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Butchart Gardens is open year-round and, between butterfly gardens, greenhouses and dazzling seasonal displays, you’ll find something special for every member of your family.

The History of Butchart Gardens

In 1904, Jennie and Robert Butchart moved to the garden’s location from Ontario, building a quarry and a cement production plant. In 1912, once the quarry had exhausted its limestone, Jennie envisioned something different – an abundant and unique ‘sunken garden’ – so she began transferring topsoil into the quarry, one horse-drawn cart at a time.

Over time, the gardens grew and expanded, eventually being passed down through the family, right down to the great-great-granddaughter of Robert & Jennie: Robin, the current owner.

Explore the Grounds

Butchart Gardens features millions of plants in differently themed areas, from the Japanese Garden to the Mediterranean Garden, to the awe-inspiring rose garden. Each season brings a whole new light to each garden, including dazzling autumn dahlias and stunning spring cherry blossoms.

A designated National Historic Site of Canada, Butchart Gardens is rich with history and vibrant with colour. Paths lined with colourful flowers and foliage wind throughout the space, taking you on a leisurely journey with photo opportunities around every corner.

Discover New & Local Cuisine

Enjoy delicious casual fare at the Blue Poppy Restaurant, or delight in a trendy coffee at their Coffee Shop. You can also experience a High Tea in the Dining Room, located within the Butchart family’s original residence. Don’t forget to stop by the Gelateria as well, located within the Italian garden, to savour their house-made gelatos and sorbettos.

Getting to the Gardens

Located just north of Victoria in Brentwood Bay, Butchart Gardens is roughly a 25-minute drive from the Oswego Hotel. You can also take public transit, although that lengthens the journey to approximately an hour and a half.

Be sure to check the Butchart Gardens website as well as their Instagram page for event announcements and updates!