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One of downtown Victoria’s best family-friendly attractions is the Victoria Bug Zoo!

The bug zoo has experienced, knowledgeable staff, who are constantly cycling through the exhibits to provide additional information and may even allow you to hold one of the 50+ species they have on display. The facility aims to educate and fascinate visitors with the world of insects while dispelling myths and helping people alleviate fears about ‘creepy-crawlies’.

Be amazed at their giant walking sticks, numerous tarantulas, giant millipedes and centipedes, and one of the largest leafcutter ant colonies in Canada.

The Victoria Bug Zoo also regularly hosts various workshops, from beginner taxidermy to insect pinning. You can book in advance with a group, and enjoy a truly unique experience while learning something new! They’ve recently started hosting their ‘Bug Zoo at Night’ event, which features talks and special exhibits that go beyond their regular displays.

Tickets are $16 for adults (18-64), $12 for seniors 65+, and $8 for children 5-17. Children under 4 get in free, and they also offer other discounts depending on the season. The museum itself consists of two main exhibit rooms and a well-stocked gift shop. Gift shop entry is free and does not require admission to the museum.

The Victoria Bug Zoo is within walking distance of the Oswego Hotel. Be sure to follow them on Instagram and TikTok for updates, announcements, and some great memes!