Corporate Responsibility

Be well. Do Good.
Did you know that we’re Biosphere committed? That means we have made eco-conscious decisions and changes in everything we do, from a robust recycling program, EV chargers, and bulk amenities, to LED lightbulbs, eco-friendly cleaning products, and new high-efficiency water heaters.

Corporate Responsibility

The Oswego Hotel cares about our environmental impacts and believes in community involvement. Learn more about our corporate responsibility.


Biosphere Committed

We show you the path to sustainability.

In BIOSPHERE SUSTAINABLE, you will be able to create your own Biosphere Sustainability Plans, adapted to your needs and possibilities, always in a SIMPLE, INTUITIVE, and EXCITING way.


We’re excited to announce that we now are Biosphere Committed! We are eager to be a part of the sustainable biosphere network, as The Oswego Hotel will continue to grow and excel in creating and ensuring the best in green practices. Our local tourism organization @tourismvictoriabc has done some phenomenal work in bringing this initiative to Victoria!