10 Must-Do Sightseeing Adventures In Victoria

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Are you planning a trip to Victoria and looking for what the locals love? Or perhaps looking to see your own city in a different light? Victoria has a rich history and many activities to do. Whether you’re looking for the best restaurants in town, to discover some of our local tales and stories of the city, or take in some of the natural beauty sights, we’ve put together a list of our favorite sightseeing destinations for your visit.

Discover The Beauty of Downtown Victoria

The downtown core of Victoria stretches from the Inner Harbour to Chinatown and encompasses some of the city’s oldest buildings, most established shops (like the Hudson’s Bay!), and most iconic sights. 

Downtown Victoria Attractions To Visit

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Here are our favorite downtown Victoria attractions – all within walking distance from your stay at the Oswego Hotel!

  • Murchie’s Coffee

Established by John Murchie in 1894, Murchie’s is Victoria’s oldest coffee and tea store. Stop in for a cup of coffee , pick out a new tea to sample and enjoy this beautiful downtown Victoria building.

  • Munro’s Books

Munro’s Books initially was housed on Yates Street when the store opened in the 1960s, moved to Fort Street, and finally settled into its permanent home on Government Street. Since then, this bookstore has established itself as one of Victoria’s finest. 

  • Roger’s Chocolates

Arguably the oldest chocolate store in Victoria, Roger’s Chocolates also houses two famous ghosts – the ghosts of Mr. and Mrs. Rogers themselves. The staff are well-versed in the ghost stories, with some of the staff reporting odd hauntings themselves. Stop in for a sample of some gourmet chocolates, and listen to some stories!

  • Historical Walking Tours

Learn all about the deep dark history of Victoria on a historical walking tour – including a Ghostly Walks tour! Learn about the hauntings of Roger’s Chocolates, and every ghost story in Victoria (there are quite a few!)

  • Beacon Hill Park

Home to the petting zoo and a number of wild peacocks, Beacon Hill Park stretches for acres on the most Southern tip of Victoria, next to the ocean. This park is gorgeous, full of wildlife, flowers, ancient trees, birds, turtles, water features, and lovely walking paths. Take a stroll through Beacon Hill Park in the sun.

  • Inner Harbour

Just steps outside your door during your Oswego Hotel stay is Victoria’s world famous Inner Harbour, rife with magicians, artists, food vendors and more. Victoria summers in the Inner Harbour are legendary.

  • Parliament Buildings

You can’t miss the beauty of the Parliament Building in Victoria – especially when you’re staying at the Oswego Hotel. This backdrop to the Inner Harbour is one of the most incredible sights to see in Victoria. Visitors can tour the buildings Monday to Friday (closed on weekends and holidays). 

  • Fisherman’s Wharf

Located just to the West of James Bay, Fisherman’s Wharf houses some of the most interesting and eclectic houseboats and tastiest seafood restaurants. It’s a short walk from the hotel, and we absolutely recommend fish and chips on a hot summer day!

  • Ogden Point Breakwater

Ogden Point is one of the most Southern points of the city. The cement structure juts out into the ocean and ends at a beautiful lighthouse. During the summer you’ll see scuba divers, fishers, wildlife like seals (and maybe even an octopus fight!), and the beauty of the Pacific ocean. This loop is an easy .6km walk.

  • Chinatown

One of Victoria’s most iconic landmark communities is Chinatown. After the construction of the railroad ended in Victoria, this city’s Chinatown was established and has become a thriving must-see sightseeing destination in Victoria. Come and sample the food, shop, and discover little hidden alleyways like Dragon Alley and Fan Tan Alley. 

Downtown Victoria Facts and Trivia

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Did you know Victoria has the mildest climate in all of Canada? The city rarely gets snow or goes below freezing. The summers are temperate, and mild, with a gentle ocean breeze cooling the city. Our streets are always full of lush greenery. The only downside? We get more rain than most places in Canada! Here are a few more interesting facts about the city of Victoria.

How old is the city of Victoria?

Victoria was officially incorporated in 1862, though the city itself was founded by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1843 when they opened up their trading post. Today you can still visit Hudson’s Bay with an entrance on Government Street, or through four floors of the downtown Bay Centre.

What is the city of Victoria known for?

Victoria is affectionately named ‘The City of Gardens’ for our staggering annual bloom count – ranging up to 3.4 billion (yes, billion) blooms per year. Victoria is home to some of the most beautiful gardens – including the lettering of the ‘Welcome To Victoria’ planted in the Inner Harbour in gorgeous red flowers, directly in front of the Parliament Buildings.

What’s the weather like in Victoria?

Bring an umbrella! When you visit Victoria, you’re visiting a rainforest. The Pacific Northwest is notable for its ocean storms in the fall, its mild rainy winters, its wet spring season and the beauty of a humid summer’s day. We recommend sunscreen – with the cool ocean breeze coming off the water you may not notice how warm it truly is! Pack for every season.

Visit Victoria And Stay At The Oswego Hotel

If you’re looking to stay within walking distance of all of Victoria’s downtown sightseeing attractions, – , we recommend the Oswego Hotel. Book online with us for the best rate, and ask our staff about any of the Victoria sightseeing attractions – we’re happy to give you directions and recommendations!